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Artificial Intelligence


In Elon Musk’s true words of wisdom, technology doesn’t just happen. It develops because a lot of people work very hard on it.


STRG Joins the Flux Adopters Community

We’re excited to announce the integration of Flux at STRG, enhancing our development operations. Flux, a powerful GitOps toolkit, elevates the efficiency of our Kubernetes

STRG Joins the Flux Adopters Community
March 19, 2024

We’re excited to announce the integration of Flux at STRG, enhancing our development operations. Flux, a powerful GitOps toolkit, elevates the efficiency of our Kubernetes clusters. Learn more about the toolset used at STRG.r to ensure smooth operations and heightened reliability.

Inspiring Future Innovators: Young People Career Days at STRG
Join us on a journey into the dynamic world of software development as we host talented high school students for two immersive days. Witness the magic of coding projects, collaborative problem-solving, and the creation of AI art. This initiative goes beyond an introduction; it's about sowing seeds for...

The STRG Internship Experience

Discover our internship program: At STRG, we’re passionate about nurturing the next generation of tech visionaries. Our internships offer a 360-degree cycle of opportunities for

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Web Summit: A catalyst for change

Attending this year’s Web Summit in Lisbon inspired us to imagine what we will be talking to each other about in 14 years. Take a ride with us in Doc

Client work use-case for ÖAMTC - Austrian automobile association. In particular it is shown how the new interface looks.

ÖAMTC: From Content to Product

A Transformational Partnership  Since 2013, STRG has earned ÖAMTC’s trust by partnering with them to create a strategic concept for their digital transformation, launch an online version of their auto

Digital Transformation

3 KI-Trends, die Sie in 2024 nicht ignorieren sollten

Entdecken Sie die wichtigsten KI-Trends, die Österreichs Geschäftswelt 2024 prägen werden. Von semantischer Textanalyse über automatisierte Big-Data-Analyse bis hin zu virtuellen Beratern – diese Schlüsselbereiche revolutionieren Geschäftsprozesse und steigern die

Introducing Austrian Version of ChatGPT called STRG.assist! Showed in picture as a close-up Of A Robotic Hand Holding Plate Grey Background
STRG presents the rising star of Austrian GenAI - STRG.assist
STRG has launched a new service that enables quick and easy integration of generative assistants into enterprise processes. The STRG.assist service offers a great alternative to ChatGPT and allows companies to take advantage of the growing demand for generative assistants and benefit from their potential....

STRG | Celebrating Two Decades of Success

In the fast-paced world of technology and research, longevity is a testament to a company’s enduring spirit and innovation. STRG recently marked an incredible milestone—its 20th anniversary! To celebrate two

Reinforcement Learning and Natural Language Processing applications shown as a modern pac-man chasing knowledge in a game.

AGENTS on Web: Unfolding Reinforcement Learning

Discover how employing reinforcement learning models can transform your audience engagement metrics. In this article, we explore the journey of Agents on Web and how reinforcement learning has unfolded over

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