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At STRG, “design” encompasses more than how things look on the surface. And while front-end design plays an important role in our projects, application design is equally important. Visualization reduces the complexity of big data and creates attention. creates stunning front-ends, as well as dashboards and custom software applications that often lead to consumer-facing products that make an impact.







Compared with print design, digital design introduces new challenges. STRG knows that design must be fully integrated with the underlying concept and content. creates digital architecture for content-driven businesses by using state-of-the-art tools and collaborative processes.

We plan and create:

to realize the technical potential that balances usability with profitability.

Designing Solutions

Our agile structure allows outsourcing of DesignOps or augmenting inhouse teams

Ralf Traunsteiner

Lead Developer

Today’s digital environment demands much more from a designer. There are so many variables with responsive site design. There’s no way that a few mock-up sketches can capture every possible state and dynamic output users might experience. Today’s digital-content publishers demand maximum flexibility, user-specific (yet coherent) UI and a seamless UX.

More than ever before, the designer must be deeply involved throughout the conception and development process, in constant coordination with the backend developers, product managers and clients while working through all the iterations of a site’s component features. Likewise, developers need to get involved even before the designer drafts a mock-up, in order to assess the cost-benefits or feasibility of a component or feature.

As the traditionally separate roles of designer and developer became increasingly blurred, STRG knew that the complexity of contemporary digital design required a completely different organizational mindset. Not only did we hire designers familiar with technical development and engineers who grasp the importance of UI and UX design, but we put in place operational structures that provide the best workflows, tools and communication channels that enable everyone to work together, create better quality design, and satisfy the client’s needs and budget.

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Client work use-case for ÖAMTC - Austrian automobile association. In particular it is shown how the new interface looks.

ÖAMTC: From Content to Product

A Transformational Partnership  Since 2013, STRG has earned ÖAMTC’s trust by partnering with them to create a strategic concept for their digital transformation, launch an online version of their auto touring print magazine, maximise their

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What Does Your Website Say About Your Company?

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