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DesignOps: The Mindset, Process and Tools We Use

We talked with STRG’s Art Director, Pavel Guzenko, and Lead Developer, Ralf Traunsteiner, about how STRG practices DesignOps, what software tools enable it, and how Agile processes make it all work as efficiently as possible.


DesignOps: Unsere Denkweise, Prozesse und Tools

Gemeinsam mit dem Art Director von STRG, Pavel Guzenko, und dem Lead Developer, Ralf Traunsteiner, sprechen wir darüber, wie STRG DesignOps praktiziert, welche Software-Tools dies möglich machen und wie agile Prozesse das Ganze so effizient


How STRG Became An Agile Service Organisation

Working agile saved our a$$ during the Covid-19 lockdown. Could it save yours?   The Digital Revolution has disrupted global business in countless ways. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to adapt even more. Only the

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