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Inspiring Future Innovators: Young People Career Days at STRG

In an effort to cultivate the budding interests of the next generation, we recently hosted five talented high school students at our company for an immersive two-day experience in the realm of software development. The initiative aimed to provide these young minds a hands-on understanding of the dynamic world of coding, problem-solving, and innovation. The practical work experience days enable young people to get to know professions up close, correct common misconceptions about professions, and self-critically examine their aptitudes and inclinations. You can find out more about the initiative at WKO.

“For two days, our guests had the opportunity to witness the heartbeat of our daily operations, gaining valuable insights into the multifaceted world of software development and AI.”

The core of our experience revolved around engaging the students in real-world coding projects. From exploring the intricacies of the basic building blocks of the web to algorithm design to witnessing the magic of a few lines of code translating into a fun conversational chatbot, each moment was a step into the vast landscape of possibilities. The interactive sessions allowed the students to grasp the collaborative nature of software development and the importance of teamwork in bringing ideas to life. We also took the time to share stories, answer questions, and ignite the flame of curiosity. It wasn’t just about showcasing the technical aspects but fostering a genuine passion for problem-solving and creative thinking. 

A Sneak Peak into Chatbots, Fantasy Worlds, and AI Artistry

One of the highlights of their experience was the collaborative creation of a simple yet ingenious chatbot. Guided by our expert developers, the students embarked on a journey to breathe life into a digital conversational companion and mastered their first steps into prompt engineering with ease. The excitement was palpable as they fine-tuned the chatbot’s responses, making it witty, engaging, and ready for a conversation. To infuse a touch of magic into their project, the students took the chatbot to the worlds of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. Through creative prompts, they trained the chatbot to respond with thematic flair, bringing characters and scenarios from these beloved franchises to life as a hilariously entertaining mashup in the digital domain. They also ventured into AI image creation using the latest and most advanced cinematic models, exploring their artistic side by precisely crafting prompts to create exciting, funny, and action-packed scenes of movies and games that have to be made.

Their two-day journey was more than just a peek into software development and AI engineering; it was a hands-on adventure into the intersection of technology, imagination, and creativity. The students departed with not only a chatbot and a collection of AI-generated artworks but also a newfound appreciation for the boundless possibilities within the tech world. 

To sweeten things up, we showered them with some company merch, most popular of course were the many fun stickers with our mascot Yuri. 

Hosting these five talented students was not just about providing an introduction to software development; it was about sowing the seeds for future innovation. Their enthusiasm was inspiring and we are optimistic that our time together sparked a passion for technology, and we look forward to seeing these individuals grow into the tech leaders of tomorrow.

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