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Your power to wow! Acquiring visitors is only part of the challenge. Getting them to stay and keeping them coming back is even more important. STRG.behave uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology that gives your visitors a personalized experience by reconfiguring dynamic website content, increasing visitor engagement and turning passive surfers into active customers.







While your visitors are consuming your content, they leave behind their digital footprints. STRG.behave uses neural networks, semantic content analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and principles of behavioral economics to capture visitors’ data and learn about their true interests, needs and passions in order to deliver personalized content that converts them into buyers.

Bespoke content

Today's top-tier websites use STRG.behave to better serve their customers

Dadhichi Shukla

Senior Data Scientist at STRG.

The digital footprint is employed to provide personalized content based on the principles of behavioral economics. Behavioural economics helps us to perform a highly accurate control on a brand new basis.
The rules are simple; To increase traffic to your portal, you must create high-calibre content. In order to increase the length of the visitors’ stay, you must first generate interest in the content. Once the users have a need, it will lead to a definite purchase.
Our system STRG.behave closes this gap and the results are sensational. This revolutionary system completely changes the view of data-driven publishing.

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Taking the stage for the first time in two years, STRG’s CEO Jürgen Schmidt gave a keynote address at the 2022 JETZT Summit – an Austrian digital marketing conference for regional professionals.

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