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Let us guide you through your digital journey. Even market-leading businesses must always keep a step ahead of the next disruptive wave of technology. A one-off digital transformation is not sustainable. A strategic framework for systematic digitalization is unavoidable. STRG.consult helps you plan for change and helps you lead the disruption instead of being its victim.







We have been active in the field of digital media since 2008 and offer our customers a wealth of experience with our bespoke consulting services.
Whether you lack the internal resources, need a strategic plan, or simply want a sounding board for your ideas, we offer:

Making great better

STRG.consult helps companies rethink their approaches and implement projects.

Jürgen Schmidt


STRG has the expertise, talent and insight to help your company dive deep into its digital-concept strategy…. By putting your strategic planning, design, and development under one roof, your IT project is more likely to succeed, less likely to be derailed by mission creep, and you will be able to set both ambitious performance targets and realistic budget expectations.

There are many reasons why an IT project can fail during development and launch, but a common reason is that it lacked a solid, unified, underlying concept from the start – a concept that answers the question: “Why?”

Many IT consultants will … create an IT project concept, only to hand over its implementation to the client’s internal or outsourced designers and developers. What then often happens is that the concept’s goals meet the sober realities of implementation.

Likewise, there are IT developers who … implement a project concept plan that they took no part in creating, only to disappoint the client later on because the concept was flawed….

STRG isn’t just a consultancy or a build shop – it’s both in one, and more! STRG helps you build a solid strategic concept and develops only what your company really needs. STRG helps you to create a strategic concept, as well as coordinate your project’s design and development.

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