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Artificial Intelligence

STRG’s Blue-Sky Research

Our product is our expertise It is expert knowledge that springs from intensive research, as well as from human and machine learning. We may refer to STRG.CMS or STRG.BeHave as our “products” and we may

Artificial Intelligence

Web Summit: A catalyst for change

Attending this year’s Web Summit in Lisbon inspired us to imagine what we will be talking to each other about in 14 years. Take a ride with us in Doc Brown’s DeLorean into the future,

Artificial Intelligence

The Role Of AI In The Future Of Content Management Systems

It has been proven that in restoring web design and creation, AI plays an essential role in the redesign and creation of web design. These technological advances are used primarily to turn businesses into new

Artificial Intelligence

NLP | The Next Big Thing in Artificial Intelligence

Today we have a significant number of software packages and coding libraries, which enables developing effective NLP algorithms. Although NLP is older than a few decades, it can be said that it has just begun

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence | What the F*ck is it?

We hear, read, learn about Artificial Intelligence almost on a daily basis. There are many misconceptions about AI and how it is able to predict actions vs reactions, creating even more confusion as to the

Artificial Intelligence


In Elon Musk’s true words of wisdom, technology doesn’t just happen. It develops because a lot of people work very hard on it.

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