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STRG | Adventurous Journey of Growth and Innovation

At STRG, 2023 has been a time of transformation and expansion. We’re excited to share some remarkable updates that showcase our commitment to excellence, innovation, and building a thriving community of professionals. 

Team Expansion

In 2023 STRG has undergone a significant expansion. We’ve welcomed new talents from Serbia, Germany, Italy, and Hungary, enriching our multicultural environment with diverse perspectives and expertise. Our extended workforce now includes some incredible individuals who bring fresh insights to our projects and services. We proudly introduced our esteemed Executive Board members, Friedrich Dungl and Mohamed Gad, committed members on our journey in a new and heightened way. Their leadership and strategic vision are guiding us toward new horizons, helping us chart a course for success and growth. In line with our expansion, we’ve also moved into a beautiful new office space that reflects our commitment to innovation and collaboration. This vibrant environment serves as a hub for creativity, ideation, and productive teamwork—the very essence of our approach to providing exceptional solutions. Beautiful Viennese office with views stretching across an amazing rooftop horizon (a glimpse into our recent celebration). Just one of the beautiful perks ;).

Internship Program and Research Commitments

As part of our dedication to fostering the next generation of talent, we’re thrilled to have reintroduced our summer internship program. We’ve been privileged to welcome two exceptional interns this summer to contribute to our ongoing Research. You can read about their experience here. This initiative reflects our commitment to knowledge exchange and continuous learning. Speaking of which, we’ve reached remarkable product and research milestones. We published a research paper Bridging the Gap: Conceptual Modeling and Machine Learning for Web Portals presenting a specific e-commerce solution. Our team’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation has enabled us to create cutting-edge solutions that deliver tangible value to our clients all over the DACH region. These achievements reinforce our reputation as a trailblazer in the industry. Finally, we launched STRG.assist – the rising star of Austrian GenAI. 

Inspiring Prospects

Our journey of growth, innovation, and collaboration is an open invitation to businesses seeking a partner that goes beyond conventional solutions. If you’re driven by the pursuit of excellence, powered by innovation, and eager to explore the limitless possibilities that lie ahead, we invite you to get in touch with us for a free consultation. We’re forging meaningful connections and driving innovation that has a positive impact on businesses, industries, and societies. Whether you’re looking to enhance your digital presence, streamline your operations, or leverage the power of AI and data-driven solutions, we’re ready to embark on this transformative journey with you. (By the way, our most recent client acquisition includes an industrial production giant, insurance conglomerates, and …)

Eventful Collabs

The journey of growth and transformation isn’t confined to the digital realm only; it extends to real-world connections and collaborations that fuel our passion for innovation. An integral part of this journey involves our CEO and Co-Founder, Jürgen Schmidt, a dynamic entrepreneur, AI expert, and visionary leader who’s making waves across various industries. Schmidt’s remarkable journey includes steering multiple successful businesses, sharing his insights as a respected lecturer at esteemed universities, and leaving a significant impact as an AI expert. His expertise has earned him the privilege of delivering keynote speeches at renowned industry events such as the AI Inspiration Day & Night, AI Marketing WEBINAR; JETZT SUMMIT; ORF AI DAY, Executive Academy, to name just a few.


Let's take a glimpse into some of the remarkable initiatives we're proud to be a part of:
To empower emerging professionals, we provide access to our vibrant office hub, where creativity and innovation flourish. It's a space where ideas are born, connections are made, and collaboration thrives.
Our support for internal and team events like Magic: The Gathering brings enthusiasts together to celebrate a shared passion. This sponsorship reflects our dedication to fostering connections that go beyond business, and our teams are loving it!
Through our partnership with St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, we're contributing to cutting-edge AI research, furthering our commitment to driving innovation at its core.
At the University of Graz, we're engaged in collaborative efforts that bridge academia and industry, enabling students to explore the practical applications of AI and digital technologies.
We are committed to sharing knowledge and helping all companies to be successful with AI applications. We offer workshops that guide you and your colleagues or employees from the basics to comprehensive project implementation.
Multiverse of Online Projects: Our commitment to continuous learning is also evident in the internal webinars we organize, sharing insights into different types of projects, and fostering a culture of knowledge exchange, continuously engaging with new creative projects!

Thank you for being part of our adventure!

As we reflect on the adventurous journey of growth and innovation at STRG, we find ourselves at the intersection of success and expectation. The progress we’ve made in expanding our team, in research and in inspiring collaborations demonstrates our commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering excellence. Our journey is an open invitation to companies seeking not just a partner, but a collaborator in their quest for innovation. The vibrant diversity of our multicultural team, the creative pulse in our new offices and the positive impact of our solutions on a wide range of industries are testament to our unwavering commitment. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!

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