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Introducing Austrian Version of ChatGPT called STRG.assist! Showed in picture as a close-up Of A Robotic Hand Holding Plate Grey Background
Artificial Intelligence

STRG presents the rising star of Austrian GenAI – STRG.assist

STRG has launched a new service that enables quick and easy integration of generative assistants into enterprise processes. The STRG.assist service offers a great alternative to ChatGPT and allows companies to take advantage of the

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News | STRG Expands Its Executive Board

The Viennese technology and research company STRG appoints further members to its management team. The founders of digital and AI powerhouse have added two more members to their management team, effective May 1, 2023: Friedrich

Artificial Intelligence

STRG präsentiert den Aufsteiger der österreichischen GenAI – STRG.assist

STRG hat einen neuen Service entwickelt, der eine schnelle und einfache Integration von generativen Assistenten in Unternehmensprozesse ermöglicht. Der STRG.assist bietet eine hervorragende Alternative zu ChatGPT und ermöglicht es Unternehmen, die wachsende Nachfrage nach generativen

Artificial Intelligence

Web Summit: A catalyst for change

Attending this year’s Web Summit in Lisbon inspired us to imagine what we will be talking to each other about in 14 years. Take a ride with us in Doc Brown’s DeLorean into the future,

Development and launched on Adobe AEM

Our most recent work in AEM has been online for 2 months now. and We are happy and proud that we managed to deliver the project and our new frontend architecture with which


STRG| Deine Apotheke Re-launch

Deine Apotheke is a portal about pharmacy-related content including a medicine search function and lots of content and information about pharmaceutical products.


STRG| BeHave Goes Open Source

We have made this code public and free-for-all to use, in order to help navigate the tricky GDPR regulations.


The STRG. Live Cooking Sessions

The STRG. team has started an initiative called “The STRG. Live Cooking Sessions” to bring our growing community together through collective cooking. Hungry anyone?

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