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You’ve got the inspiration but lack the perspiration? Have a product idea but no development plan or limited in-house capabilities? Don’t give up – we’ve got your back! Let STRG.develop take on your software development dream or become structurally integrated with your own development team to quickly and intelligently make your dream a reality.


development / practical structure


project management / integrative and iterative


integration / structured onboardin

Developing software sustainably

You bring us your ideas, budget parameters and whatever developer resources you have in hand. We bring you our knowledge base, our expert development team, our technical infrastructure and our agile processes to collaborate with you on rapid software development, with a focus on collaborative excellence and smart project management. The result: digital products that sustain your budget, your business operations and your vision!

We Work Better Together

STRG’s collaborative teams develop sustainable software products for businesses of all sizes.

Nils Müller

Lead Developer

We have different stages of development: integration stage, test stage and production stage. When we develop, we check if everything works together in the integration stage. Then we allow the customer to test all the features during the test stage and give feedback. Once the client confirms the features, it goes to the production stage. We use the most advanced tools, resources and processes to bring our clients state-of-the-art products: Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Adobe Experience Manager, GitHub, JIRA project management, Jenkins continuous integration, as well as our own proprietary systems.

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Client work use-case for ÖAMTC - Austrian automobile association. In particular it is shown how the new interface looks.

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