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You are looking for a local, “German”, GDPR-compliant, simpler version of Chat GPT? One that can be adjusted to your businesses needs, and trained to your specific tone of voice and business specification? STRG.assist is here to deliver.


STRG has developed a new service that enables quick and easy integration of generative assistants into enterprise processes. STRG.assist offers an excellent alternative to existing global assistants and allows companies to take advantage of the growing demand for generative assistants and benefit from their potential. 

Local database
STRG.assist Utilizes Selected Databases for German Market Analysis

compared to other generative assistants that use the entire world wide web for training and delivering insights, STRG.assist can use only input from databases you choose. Only German market, only company compliant websites or selection of cooperation sites you work with.

Business compliance
Integrate a GDPR-Compliant Tool to Navigate Operating Business Requirements

depending on where your company is based, you need to fulfill a myriad of regulations and compliance requirements. EU has very strict GDPR policies most of which extend deep into the operating businees. You can’t bypass it, but you can integrate a tool that is compliant and in accordance with already made efforts.

Productivity engine
Hire a Trained Assistant for Quick Concepts, Excerpts, and Efficient Workflows

Transforming the way you work is the first step to a productive routine. So, why not hire an assistant that is trained to deliver? Get your concepts, excerpts or a quick spell chek in a matter of seconds, and accomplish more work in less time! It does more then just keeping the productivity engine on, it drives it.

Creative perpetuum
Clear Roads to Explore Dusty Ideas and Revive Business Assets

While your productivity is speeding up, the roads are clear for a creative perpetuum. Now you have time to explore all those dusty ideas and bring them back to life! Blog pipeline, white papers or concepts, and other creative & business assets can be fully exploited.

Niche adaptability
STRG.assist Delivers Personalized Insights and On-Demand Tools

there is no one size fits all in this business. You define your experience, STRG.assist delivers. The tool can operate on personalized solutions that are tailored to industries, user groups or specific business purposes, like doctor's or lawyer's letters according to keywords, on demand.







We have joined forces with Ventr GmbH to tackle the compliance challenge that comes with rising demand for generative AI implementation and tame it down to a simple but powerful business assist solution. STRG.assist is a ChatGPT alternative that offers abundant customizable text assistance that can be trained and used according to your specific brand voice.

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