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Artificial Intelligence

STRG’s Blue-Sky Research

Our product is our expertise It is expert knowledge that springs from intensive research, as well as from human and machine learning. We may refer to STRG.CMS or STRG.BeHave as our “products” and we may

Client work use-case for ÖAMTC - Austrian automobile association. In particular it is shown how the new interface looks.

ÖAMTC: From Content to Product

A Transformational Partnership  Since 2013, STRG has earned ÖAMTC’s trust by partnering with them to create a strategic concept for their digital transformation, launch an online version of their auto touring print magazine, maximise their

Artificial Intelligence

The Role Of AI In The Future Of Content Management Systems

It has been proven that in restoring web design and creation, AI plays an essential role in the redesign and creation of web design. These technological advances are used primarily to turn businesses into new

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Artificial Intelligence


In Elon Musk’s true words of wisdom, technology doesn’t just happen. It develops because a lot of people work very hard on it.


ÖAMTC “auto touring”

ÖAMTC is an independent non-profit association that supports motorists. To date, there are over 2 million members who trust in the services of the ÖAMTC. Whether it’s about road safety, travelling, leisure or general concerns.

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