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Marketing On Tour: The Most Important Findings from AI Marketing Day 1 

Marketing on Tour ist eine der erfolgreichsten Webinaren in der Branche. Wir zeigen die interessantesten Tipps & Tricks vom Tag1 der Veranstaltung auf.

Enjoy reading in German? Check out this article “Marketing On Tour: Die Wichtigsten Erkenntnisse vom KI-Marketing Tag 1” to learn the best AI in Marketing tips.

Day 1 Highlights: Navigating the AI Marketing Landscape

The AI Marketing Day (KI Marketing Day), hosted by SM:ILe Communication, brought together DACH experts and thought leaders to explore the exciting opportunities and practical insights that AI offers the marketing industry. In this article, we delve into the tips and tricks shared on the first day of this insightful online event.

The first day of AI Marketing Day covered a wide range of topics related to artificial intelligence and data-driven marketing. Here are some of the standout sessions:
1. The Future of Marketing in the Age of AI

Speaker: Alexander Oswald, Managing Partner von FUTURA, Co-Founder von Make Marketing Great Again, President of the Austrian Marketing Community (Österreichischen Marketinggesellschaft

The opening session set the tone for the event, addressing the impact of AI on marketing. Oswald drew parallels between the industrial revolutions and the current technological advancements, highlighting the transformative potential of AI in reshaping marketing roles and opportunities.

2. The power of AI: insights into practice

The second session of the AI Marketing Day focused on the expertise and practical insights of Jürgen Schmidt, founder and CEO of STRG. Schmidt’s presentation, entitled “How Machines Learned to Provide Value”, took participants on a journey through three compelling real-world use cases that demonstrated the remarkable potential of AI in marketing.

1/3 – AI and Personalized Marketing: “Die Furche” Example 

DIE FURCHE logo and robotic hand reaching out to new readers.
Schmidt’s first example was a game-changer in personalized marketing. He analyzed the use case of, an online portal that automatically uses AI and semantic text analysis to create a timeline.

This innovative approach makes it possible to display content relevant to the current article that dates back to 1945. The result? A dynamic user experience that not only keeps readers hooked to the site, but also offers insights into how the discourse has changed over the decades.

2/3 – Marketing & Predictive Analytics: The ÖAMTC Story

The mobility service provider ÖAMTC is exploring the possibilities of predictive analytics in marketing at By collecting and analyzing user data, ÖAMTC aims to understand users’ interests and predict which travel offers are most likely to convert.

The implementation resulted in an astonishing quadrupling of travel agency sales within one year. This success story underscores the transformative potential of AI in predicting user behavior and optimizing marketing strategies for maximum impact.

3/3AI & Customer Journey: The Case of Lower Austrian Hunting Association 

The final case study summed up the concept of the AI-driven customer journey. It showed how the online store of the Niederösterreichischer Landesjagdverband uses AI to personalize product recommendations based on user interests. 

This personalized approach led to a significant increase in sales, especially for high-priced products. By adapting the customer journey to individual preferences, the association was also able to significantly increase user satisfaction and loyalty.

3. The Use Of Ai In Content Creation.

Speaker: Nicolai Kuban, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, contentbird GmbH

This session discussed the possibilities of AI for content marketing. Attendees learned how AI can be used to optimize content processes, generate ideas, and produce high-quality content efficiently. Kuban shared practical tips and tricks for rapid content production and emphasized the importance of defining goals and maintaining a human touch in content creation.

7 Tips For Better Prompting:

Be specific! Output needed to generate leads, generate interest, motivate enrollment, etc.

Give AI a character or role

Write as an expert Copywriter, explain something as a Marketer, do it like…argue like, take on the role as, etc.

Control tonality

Be friendly, polite, sell, express yourself in a factual or fact-based way, etc.

Specify target audience

Generate output for newbies, 10-year-olds, IT decision makers, in simple terms, without jargon, to a marketing expert, etc....

Target SPECIFIC output

Provide 5 topic ideas, 5 bullet points, specific character length, deliver output as a table, etc.

Provide outline in prompt

With/without headline, sub headline, XY reasons why, CTA, with XY features, about topic XY, etc.

Determine iterations

Shorter, more concise, formulate more creatively, etc. Don't give up! The first attempt is far from the best. 

Always have the sources of the text supplied! Having a list of sources helps with overall fact checking, and linking together used information, but also makes your work in any case safer & more credible to your readership!
For repetitive tasks, create separate chats with predefined roles & tasks. Prompt Ahead of the task! You set the rules at the beginning of the chat, and then only have to paste the actual text and directly get the desired outcome.
4. LinkedIn Inhaltsproduktion mit ChatGPT

Speaker: Emily Erker, LinkedIn Top Voice 2022, Coach, Speaker & FreeStyle Host with Viennese Dialect.

Erker shared insights on optimizing content production on LinkedIn using AI tools like ChatGPT. She explained the importance of creating effective prompts, storytelling and using hashtags to increase visibility.


Stop Overthinking - just do it!

Think of your posts as WhatsApp chat & work with relevant keywords - that's already a very good start.

Repurpose Content

From the text input or ChatGPT output, make a video and share it on your profile. 2 to 5 minutes are enough!

Reference Resources

"Outlined by ChatGPT, refined by John Doe". Is not a must, but makes sense for the sake of transparency.

Review Hashtag Range

Ideal hashtags have about 10k to 15k followers. Too many followers will cause your post to disappear (e.g. 500k).

Focus on the Strategy

Test until you drop! Post max. three times a day with min. 4 hours interval to avoid self-competition.

Beware of Tagging

If there is no response to your tag, it can be registered as spam and the post will be throttled. Tag with caution!
5. Green Marketing with AI: Reducing CO2 Emissions

Speaker: Thomas Lohr, Managing Director, Spoods GmbH, Berlin

Lohr discussed the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions in online advertising and explained how AI can play an important role in achieving this goal. Attendees gained insights into creating environmentally friendly media plans and reducing the carbon footprint of online campaigns.
6. Social Media Listening with ChatGPT and Microsoft

Speaker: Anika Scholz, Senior Marketing Managerin Digital Marketing, Energieversorgung Offenbach AG

This presentation was a deep dive into the world of social media listening using AI. Scholz showed how companies can use the Microsoft Power Platform to automate data collection, sentiment analysis, and opinion research to gain valuable insights for effective marketing strategies.
Key Learnings on Social Media Listening:

At the end of the first day of AI Marketing Day, attendees left with a wealth of insights and actionable strategies for leveraging AI in their marketing efforts. From content creation to social media listening to eco-conscious advertising, the event highlighted the myriad opportunities AI offers marketers. In a world where AI is constantly evolving and reshaping industries, it’s important to stay informed and adaptable.

AI Marketing Day is a testament to SM:ILe Communication‘s commitment to providing cutting-edge knowledge and driving innovation in the digital marketing landscape. Whether you are a skilled marketer or just beginning your journey into AI-powered marketing, the knowledge and tips shared during AI Marketing Day will be invaluable to your success. As the event unfolds, it will become clear that the future of marketing is intertwined with the power of artificial intelligence and that those who embrace it are best positioned to thrive in this dynamic landscape.

Enjoy reading in German? Check out this article “Marketing On Tour: Die Wichtigsten Erkenntnisse vom KI-Marketing Tag 1” to learn the best AI in Marketing tips.


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