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STRG | Celebrating Two Decades of Success

A spectacular rooftop party, with the breathtaking city panorama as a backdrop. The laughter, stories, and connections made that evening were truly heartwarming. It was a moment to reflect on the growth of our company, the challenges we have overcome, and the exciting opportunities ahead. Not to mention, the masterful live band topped it off with a perfect atmosphere! The 20th-anniversary celebration was nothing short of extraordinary. Together with our valued customers, friends, and colleagues, we gathered to celebrate this remarkable milestone. It was a night to remember and, more importantly, a celebration of the exciting journey that brought STRG to this pivotal moment.

A Community Beyond a Company

Jürgen Schmidt, CEO of STRG, expressed his delight at the diverse assembly of guests, emphasizing that this anniversary celebration was a testament to the fact that STRG is more than just a company; it’s a vibrant community of individuals who share a common vision and unwavering passion. This sense of togetherness and shared purpose has been instrumental in STRG’s success over the years. In his own words: “It was a great reunion of all the dear people who have accompanied us for the last 20 years! We are proud to be able to celebrate so many successes together. This anniversary celebration was a reminder that STRG is not just a company, but a community of people who share a vision and passion.”

LEADERSNET was on hand to capture the magic of this incredible evening. Their article beautifully encapsulates the essence of it with stunning photos that offer a glimpse into the celebration, which took well into the night with nearly 100 guests. The estimated guest list included Wiener Zeitung, Flughafen Wien, Kirchner-Robrecht GmbH, Die Furche, Sternwald, PID, VÖZ, HAWK, FH ST. Pölten, techsearch, Ventr GmbH, Nimeh & Partners, journalists and many more. 

This milestone is not only a testament to STRG’s accomplishments but also an exciting leap toward future endeavors. And, as we move forward, we are grateful to every customer, partner, friend, and employee who has contributed to our success story. Here’s to the next 20 years of excellence, collaboration, and shared positive impact!

Click here to read the article and enjoy Christian Mikes’ spectacular photo gallery.

About STRG

STRG is a Viennese technology and research company, founded in its first form in 2003 by Jürgen Schmidt (CEO) and Michael Dosser (COO). Initially specializing in comprehensive content solutions for media companies, it pivoted its focus in 2016 to semantic text analysis, AI research, digitization topics and IT consulting in a wide range of industries. STRG’s holistic service portfolio enables dynamic and sustainable business growth that has sustainable solution concepts and is on par with technical innovations. With a passionate team of experts, STRG is at the forefront of revolutionizing the media industry through breakthrough technological capabilities, including the innovative application of artificial intelligence.

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