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AI and machine learning method called imitation learning.
Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Imitation Learning and Behavioral Cloning

Reinforcement Learning has amazed the world, from defeating Go champions to excelling in complex video games. However, its lengthy training processes limit its use in real-world applications. In this blog post, we explore “Imitation Learning”,

Digital Transformation

3 KI-Trends, die Sie in 2024 nicht ignorieren sollten

Entdecken Sie die wichtigsten KI-Trends, die Österreichs Geschäftswelt 2024 prägen werden. Von semantischer Textanalyse über automatisierte Big-Data-Analyse bis hin zu virtuellen Beratern – diese Schlüsselbereiche revolutionieren Geschäftsprozesse und steigern die Effizienz. Erfahren Sie, warum Unternehmen

Reinforcement Learning and Natural Language Processing applications shown as a modern pac-man chasing knowledge in a game.

AGENTS on Web: Unfolding Reinforcement Learning

Discover how employing reinforcement learning models can transform your audience engagement metrics. In this article, we explore the journey of Agents on Web and how reinforcement learning has unfolded over the years. Enjoy the read!

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