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Friedrich Dungl joins STRG.

Friedrich Dungl joins STRG as the new Head of Business Development and Business Consultant, bringing along over 30 years of continuous professional experience with digital transformation and change management. We are looking forward to our developing new strategies together and bringing companies to the next digital level.

The team at STRG and Jürgen Schmidt, CEO @STRG. proudly welcomed Friedrich Dungl as the new Head of Business Development and Business Consultant in October 2022. After many years in media management, to our biggest joy, Fritz (as we like to call him 🙂) has decided to move to the side of a solution provider. 

His Vita is rich in media experience. As Horizont reports, most of his experience was in C-Suite executive positions. In his most recent role, he was responsible for business development at APA and launched the new MediaKey “login” project. Before that, he was the Managing Director of Bauernzeitung, of investments of (Bezirksjournale, Fundgrube, Rieder Magazin, Vogel Medien) and of Niederösterreichisches Pressehaus (NÖN, BVZ). He now joins STRG. as the new Head of Business Development and Business Consultant.

In over 30 years in leading positions in media companies, digital transformation & change management were always his key objectives. Just imagine the spectrum of challenges he has had the privilege of tracking and helping to shape over the course of these 30 years! The business models of trade and regional media, daily newspapers, and news agencies are complex and different. Thus, digital transformation has not only been a buzzword but has been (and still is) a daily challenge for many media operators in Austria. 

“I have made it my goal to tackle this exciting task and to accompany digital businesses and media entrepreneurs on their way into the digital age, easing this process as much as possible. Developing new strategies and branding approaches always fascinated me because it creates dynamic projects and, above all, creative solutions. So it seems almost natural that STRG & I decided to go down this path together.”
Jürgen Schmidt, CEO @STRG. and Friedrich Dungl, new Head of Business Development and Business Consultant.
“The approach of STRG.AT was absolutely exciting for me from the very beginning.”

We asked Friedrich what fascinated him the most about STRG.?

The general approach to business solutions was absolutely exciting for me! There is no one size fits all solution, but rather comprehensive individual consulting and hence, the perfect solution for the customer. From public companies, media agencies, newspaper houses, and digital publishers, to insurance companies and delicious wine stores. This bandwidth of different business structures and a variety of digital solution demands is the basis of our expertise.

STRG. Founders welcome Friedrich on board

Michael Dosser, <br>COO @STRG.

Michael Dosser,

"We have already worked with Friedrich Dungl as solution architects for digital media at NÖN, taking the company to a whole new level. We know Mr. Dungl as an extremely innovative manager. In our history, projects that we were able to implement together were relevant for the development of our company. We are therefore particularly pleased that we were able to inspire him to join the team."

Jürgen Schmidt,<br>CEO @STRG.

Jürgen Schmidt,

"Our field of activity will thus broaden and we will also be able to contribute our expertise in other sectors. With Fritz Dungl we also want to move out of Austria and address other markets. This is a big step for us at We have spent a year preparing for this and have developed the necessary structures. Now we have to fill them with life and put the visions we have formulated into practice."

The entire team is excited to work with Fritz on new projects and is looking forward to developing new strategies together. Let’s bring companies to the next digital level together!

Enjoy the full announcement at!

Friedrich brings rich professional experience in various Austrian media outlets. Before joining STRG he was the Publishing Director at Austrian Publisher “Österreichischer Agrarverlag” and the CEO of “Agrar-Media”. He was also the CEO of several Mediaprint subsidiary companies: “Bezirksjournale”, “Fundgrube”, “Vogel Medien”, “Rieder Magazin” and worked for “Kronen Zeitung”. His executive roles at NÖN, BVZ, and as head of business development at APA round up his expertise. Finally, Friedrich was also a respected board member in sector associations like VÖZ, VRM, ÖAK, and MA.

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