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Entrepreneurs for Future

As a progressive company, that has its finger on the pulse of technology, we rely on the power of digitalisation and innovation. Technology is not just the means to an end, its there to support and enable the independence of people. We view the fields of Artificial Intelligence, digital transformation, media work and digital publishing a reinforcement of the 4th pillar of democracy, the public media. These fields are both a risk and an opportunity at the same time; thus, they can be used for social democratisation or to lure people into the next quagmire.

Freedom is not possible in a society unless sustainability is taken into consideration. If we leave behind us a planet that has been deprived of the primary resources that enable a dignified life for all, then we, as humanity, have failed. Growth is measured by what we leave behind, how sustainable our considerations are and how we participate in shaping this future.

We are therefore proud to be part of #EntrepreneursForFuture. 

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