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Friedrich Dungl joins STRG.

Friedrich Dungl joins STRG as the new Head of Business Development and Business Consultant, bringing along over 30 years of continuous professional experience with digital transformation and change management. We are looking forward to our developing new strategies together and bringing companies to the next digital level.

Let’s Git ‘er Done!

STRG continuously seeks to improve the productivity and quality of its operations by taking advantage of the best software tools and platforms currently available. Nowhere is this more important than with its developer team. Recently, we migrated our software development control system to GitHub. The process required a lot of planning and preparation, but the […]

Reimagining the STRG Office for the New Normal

A conversation with CEO Jürgen Schmidt about the “new normal” and the impact of the pandemic on the workplace, because at STRG “business as usual” means always being agile. STRG decided to move into this fashionable and hip new office space in Vienna’s popular 7th District during the pandemic. Smart move, or do you have […]

Don’t Panic! Just Let Me Explain!

Taking the stage for the first time in two years, STRG’s CEO Jürgen Schmidt gave a keynote address at the 2022 JETZT Summit – an Austrian digital marketing conference for regional professionals.

Hunting for success

Contrary to popular belief, a small niche publisher with only a relative handful of unique visitors can profit from an expensive investment in its digital operations. Go ahead, be “klein aber fein,” because the internet allows your niche to scale. In its work with WEIDWERK, the membership magazine for the NÖ Jagdverband (the Lower Austrian […]

DesignOps: The Mindset, Process and Tools We Use

We talked with STRG’s Art Director, Pavel Guzenko, and Lead Developer, Ralf Traunsteiner, about how STRG practices DesignOps, what software tools enable it, and how Agile processes make it all work as efficiently as possible.

STRG’s Blue-Sky Research

Our product is our expertise It is expert knowledge that springs from intensive research, as well as from human and machine learning. We may refer to STRG.CMS or STRG.BeHave as our “products” and we may call some of our Agile co-workers “Product Owners,” but in reality, STRG produces nothing it can stuff in a shrink-wrapped […]

Web Summit: A catalyst for change

Attending this year’s Web Summit in Lisbon inspired us to imagine what we will be talking to each other about in 14 years. Take a ride with us in Doc Brown’s DeLorean into the future, when we’ll “reminisce” about our contemporary perspectives on technological innovation…When STRG’s co-owners Jürgen Schmidt (CEO) and Michael Dosser (COO) logged […]

ÖAMTC: From Content to Product

Client work use-case for ÖAMTC - Austrian automobile association. In particular it is shown how the new interface looks.

A Transformational Partnership  Since 2013, STRG has earned ÖAMTC’s trust by partnering with them to create a strategic concept for their digital transformation, launch an online version of their auto touring print magazine, maximise their topic leadership, streamline their internal knowledge management, and implement several successful digital products and services.  Built upon a solid foundation […]

How STRG Became An Agile Service Organisation

Working agile saved our a$$ during the Covid-19 lockdown. Could it save yours?   The Digital Revolution has disrupted global business in countless ways. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to adapt even more. Only the most agile businesses are able to profit from technology’s constant flux, to show customers that they are getting their money’s […]

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