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AGENTS on Web: Unfolding Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning and Natural Language Processing applications shown as a modern pac-man chasing knowledge in a game.

Discover how employing reinforcement learning models can transform your audience engagement metrics. In this article, we explore the journey of Agents on Web and how reinforcement learning has unfolded over the years. Enjoy the read!

Unlocking Success: The Essential Steps to Digitization for Business

STRG mascot Yuri holding STRG laptop, and is immersed in his online search for more digitization tipps.

Digital transformation in a nutshell – unlocking growth and creating competitive advantage. How do you harness semantic analytics or neural networks? Revolutionize decision-making and gain real-time customer insights, personalize your messages and optimize content creation using innovative digital technologies. We help you transform your business through digitization. Learn how in this article.

KressPro Technology Case – STRG x Furche show how to elevate the treasures from the archive

Showing STRG CEO and Founder Juergen Schmidt in front of a book collection, and digital lookalike library, demonstrating fusion of digital and physical spaces - as part of the client work STRG did for Furche.

In cooperation with STRG, the Viennese weekly newspaper “Die Furche” is successfully running its “Navigator”, an AI-based digital archive and the latest user experience addition on the portal. The project spurs digital sales and is based on a recommendation process. All according to the motto: “Explore more on this topic in a contextual timeline”. The AI analyses identify contextual similarities and overlaps in articles and enable a thematic experience for readers.

STRG @KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2023

Die führende Konferenz der Cloud Native Computing Foundation versammelte vom 18. bis 21. April 2023 in Amsterdam die Adopter und Technologieexperten aus führenden Open-Source- und Cloud-Native-Communities. STRG Team war vor Ort und hat das Wichtigste zusammengefasst!

News | STRG Expands Its Executive Board

The Viennese technology and research company STRG appoints further members to its management team. The founders of digital and AI powerhouse have added two more members to their management team, effective May 1, 2023: Friedrich Dungl and Mohamed Gad…

STRG präsentiert den Aufsteiger der österreichischen GenAI – STRG.assist

STRG hat einen neuen Service entwickelt, der eine schnelle und einfache Integration von generativen Assistenten in Unternehmensprozesse ermöglicht. Der STRG.assist bietet eine hervorragende Alternative zu ChatGPT und ermöglicht es Unternehmen, die wachsende Nachfrage nach generativen Assistenten zu nutzen und von deren Potenzial zu profitieren. Lesen Sie unser kurzes Q&A, um mehr über die Hauptunterschiede zwischen STRG.assist und ChatGPT zu erfahren!

Kubernetes vs. VMs

Kubernetes vs. VMs, What’s better? In this article, our colleague Nils Müller explores the key advantages and features of both tools.

Friedrich Dungl joins STRG.

Friedrich Dungl joins STRG as the new Head of Business Development and Business Consultant, bringing along over 30 years of continuous professional experience with digital transformation and change management. We are looking forward to our developing new strategies together and bringing companies to the next digital level.

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