Kids Day – Children having an unforgettable day at the STRG. offices

Today is Saint Leopold’s Day and it’s a public holiday in Lower Austria and Vienna. So we had a “bring your child to work”  day! We had a ball pit, animation, face painting and plenty of pizza! It was a hugely successful and fun day, prompting the children to ask if they can come work […]

HORIZONT – Juergen talks about how today’s technology is shaping the future

Marketing Day 2019

The CEO of STRG. Juergen Schmidt is giving an interesting talk at HORIZONT Marketing Days in Vienna. The talk focused on neural networks and how they play a pivotal role in digital personalisation. Digital technologies that are supposedly a concept of the future, can already be used today. Machine learning, for instance, is already capable […]

OEAMTC – Launch of Click & Collect Shop

Since 2014 launched or relaunched round about 20 web portals for ÖAMTC. Apart from another point of sales (online travel agency, online membership admission, Fahrtechnik booking process), this is a big step for ÖAMTC in online selling.

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