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We have been active in the field of digital media since 2008, and during the last 11 years, we have designed and developed the largest websites in Austria. We offer our customers a wealth of experience in this area as part of our high-end consulting services. Here’s how we’re different from other consultancy agencies; Knowledge. We have gained a wealth of experience in managing and developing complex projects, but we continue to show the same passion and enthusiasm as we did with our very first project, 11 years ago. No project is, of course, the same and, every situation is new.
“Experience means nothing. You can do your thing badly for 35 years”

Kurt Tucholsky

The way humans experience various situations may lead them to falsely believe they know everything there’s is to know about a given situation. However, every case is new; thus, every approach has to be re-evaluated. Ultimately, this is because in technology development, we are mainly dealing with social processes. You must first understand these human factors and learn how to use them. This is an intelligent organizational design that allows us to recognize the weaknesses and apply to our advantage the strengths.
“The day when you think you can do something best, is the day when you get worse”

Marcel Hirscher

In this way, we were able to help large companies such as the Salzburger Nachrichten, the ÖAMTC, the ÖGB, the Sport1 group in Munich and many more to restructure their approaches and processes and successfully implement projects.

What we offer
  • Visions, goals and KPIs
  • Technical system architecture and landscape
  • Business development, business planning
  • Agile Project Development
  • Art direction and graphic development
  • process management
  • team development

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