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What's STRG.BeHave ?

We’ve all heard the mantra, content is king, but to become king, content has to go through a data journey and bring back the rewards. Nowadays, content is the cornerstone of your business. Your readers visit your website because they want to absorb the content available to them and through this content, you are offering them a service, that also serves as added value for the users.

While your users are consuming the content readily available to them while leaving their digital footprint behind, we are digitally working in the background to generate data about their real interests, needs and passions, with the power of strg.BeHave. This powerful system works with neural networks, semantic content analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and many other advanced new methods to deliver content that converts.

What if we told you that we are now using this data to personalise content, based on the principles of behavioural economics and we can associate this content with their products. Behavioural economics helps us to perform a highly accurate control on a brand new basis.

The rules are simple; To increase traffic to your portal, you must create high-calibre content. In order to increase the length of the visitors’ stay, you must first generate interest in the content. Keep in mind, content that taps on the emotional, mental state leads to a need. Once the users have a need, it will lead to a definite purchase.

Data is rational, but people are not.

Our system STRG.BeHave closes this gap and the results are sensational. This revolutionary system completely changes the view of data-driven publishing.

What's Powered by BeHave ?

What does “Powered by BeHave” mean?

To begin to understand what Powered by BeHave does, one must first understand the function of data ecosystems. Data ecosystems provide companies with data that they depend on to decipher their customers’ wants and needs and to make better marketing decisions.

STRG.BeHave automatically generates its own data ecosystem using only data from its content environment. This data is then transformed and fed into a personalisation engine using the principles of behavioural economics. That’s what visitors to your website will see on the screens.

How does it help you?

You probably come accross buzzwords such as data-driven publishing and semantic web in the world of MarTech, all the time. But they are not just buzzwords. They modestly merit the end results but only in a few cases, when the basic data is of high quality, do we see results that in reality, improve performance.

Due to our extensive know-how and our high-calibre technology, we increase data quality by changing the sources of the data and using a fine granular control. There’s no need for a large number of cases, as automated experiments trigger permanent improvement. It allows the concept of evolutionary aluminium algorithms to be used for digital media, and it helps to increase the performance of your website significantly.

Our system STRG.BeHave solves the problem of the rationality of data vs the irrationality of people through the consistent use of behavioural economic principles. The quantity and the accuracy (“Paradox of Choice”) are not always decisive factors. It’s about conducting constant experimentation, automated drive to the improvement in click rates and longer retention time.

Based on TensorFlow – Google’s neural network – you can absolutely see results that un-layer an entirely new dimension.

What's STRG.CMS ?

In the digital world, engaging content that includes, text, pictures, graphics and videos that converts, is gold. However, maintaining good content is time-consuming and a lot of hard work. It means that you must continuously revise, publish and manage content in an effective way. Maintaining bigger volumes of content on bigger websites is a colossal task that can only be managed by a content management system (CMS) such as STRG.CMS.

STRG.CMS is a semantic content management system designed for use in large websites. It is designed to allow as many as 100 editors to work on their content simultaneously and is a preference of choice by several power media houses and larger corporations.

STRG.CMS provides tools and vast possibilities within a service architecture that can focus on the production of content. No more technical gimmicks for editors. Writing, storytelling, long-tail articles are unequivocally easy to manage, as content placement can be either automated or manual.