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senior development Javascript

STRG.AT - The love story between technology and digital-media

who we are

  • // a leading company in digital media
  • // we work with publishers and corporates
  • // digital publishing is our focus
  • // mobile first and user first
  • // we build software products
  • // concept and information architecture
  • // active in 10 countries
  • // integrated in an international tech-network

who you are

  • senior level Javascript
  • high level ES6/ES2015
  • high level ES5/VanillaJS
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • Angular2
  • Flux
  • Node.js
  • Webpack
  • experienced with reactive frameworks and functional JS
  • help us to modernize our VanillaJS stack
  • integrated frontend build stack for development and production
  • product and component driven development
  • cooperation with concept and art-direction

what you do

what we offer

  • // great online projects and international fever
  • // perfect team and family feeling
  • // flexible time program
  • // home office, if needed
  • // work with 35 digital professionals
  • // use the most beautiful office in Vienna
  • // live like a start-up - be settled in the market
  • // create award-winning systems
we offer a salary of EUR 44.800,— gross per year with a willingness to overpay depending on your qualification and experience. with appropriate qualification, we are also very interested in people who are settled in schema ST2.